General Information

Conference Venue

University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart-Vaihingen, ETI-Building
Pfaffenwaldring 47
70569 Stuttgart

Exhibition and Poster Session

There will be a commercial exhibition and poster session in the lobby of the Conference Centre throughout the conference. Information on the participation at the commercial exhibition and the registration form can be ordered at the contact address. These information are also available as download under Exhibition/Poster Session. The target date for registration is July 20, 2018.

The list of ‘Participants and Exhibitors‛ will be available at the conference.

Evening Event

On October 10, 2018, a festive evening will take place.

The prelude is a reception at the Kunstmuseum. This attracts visitors with its cube-shaped glass construction from afar. Inside, the museum surprises visitors in unexpected depths. In two former tunnels collections with different emphases are exhibited.

After the museum, the conference banquet will be taken in the „Alte Stuttgarter Reithalle“ ("Old Stuttgart Riding Hall") of the Maritim Hotel. This is about a 15-minute walk from the Kunstmuseum.

Note: All the venues are non-smoking areas.

Main topics / Research projects of the IMA

Hydraulic Seals:

  • Hydraulic rods for low friction and low leakage

Non-contact Seals:

  • Non-contact sealing of high speed shafts
  • Non-contact shaft sealing with grease packing

Shaft Seals:

  • Influence of wetting by the lubricant on the function of dynamic seals
  • Reliability of rotary shaft lip-type seals
  • Direction of rotation independent PTFE-packings with spiral groove
  • Analysis and modelling of wear on PTFE sealing elements
  • Reliable sealing on innovative shaft materials and innovative shaft coatings
  • Structural analysis of sealing counter-faces
  • 3D surface topography
  • Reliable sealing of grease and liquid grease by means of rotary shaft seals

Static Seals

  • Limitation of use of modern liquid sealants at housing interfaces
  • Sealing of unequal housing interfaces

The following listed test benches and test facilities are available at the institute for investigations:

  • 19 test benches for rotary shaft seals
  • Test benches for hydraulic rod seals
  • Test bench for scrapers / wipers
  • Tribology test bench, ellipsometer
  • Test benches for static flat seals
  • Test bench for profile seals X-, R- and O-rings
  • Tensile testing machine, Radial force measuring equipment
  • 3D-Coordinate measuring machine
  • 3D-Measuring instruments for surface topography (contact and contactless, e.g. white light interferometer)
  • Surface energy and contact angle measuring instrument
  • Optical analysis of surfaces, 3D-Microscopic optics
  • FE-Working places
  • Scanning electron microscope

Sealing Technology – Beyond Limitations

Stagnation means regression.

By overcoming their former performance limits, seals contribute to the development of modern, environmentally friendly, efficient and high-performance technical products, such as pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, vehicles or machines and installations.