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Anna Berger Sealing Solutions for Hydrogen Applications https://doi.org/10.61319/OBVQ9R8B
Lucian Pasieka Static seals for hydrogen at high pressure https://doi.org/10.61319/0JYOCQCV
Marius Hofmeister Tribological properties of PTFE sealing materials with regard to bio-hybrid fuels https://doi.org/10.61319/M5U3Q9PW
Susanne Hahn On the prediction of the lubrication condition of grease sealing rotary shaft seals https://doi.org/10.61319/KBME2XRJ
Tim Schollmayer Characterization of radial shaft seal performance in contaminated environments https://doi.org/10.61319/VISOJXC6
Sumbat Bekgulyan Influence of dynamic eccentricity on the pumping rate of rotary shaft seals at sub-zero temperatures https://doi.org/10.61319/9RN24IDM
Simon Feldmeth Influence of Lubricants and Shaft Coatings on the Thermal Behaviour of Rotary Shaft Seals https://doi.org/10.61319/6URTM5GB
Philipp Fricker Correlation between Wetting Properties and the Susceptibility to Wear of Rotary Shaft Sealing Systems https://doi.org/10.61319/GU93XB2N
Laura Stubbe Cost-efficient evaluation of rubber-lubricant incompatibility under tribological loads equivalent to radial shaft seals https://doi.org/10.61319/V17Q7XCP
Georg Haffner Formation of Macro Lead Using Plunge Grinding – a Kinematic Approach https://doi.org/10.61319/AXQC3IQE
Abdelhak Azzi Radial shaft seal failure investigation https://doi.org/10.61319/7VFRBZF7
Roy Ovink Digital twin for rubber seal manufacturing https://doi.org/10.61319/C9RQQQM9
Franz Schmeink Sealing Solutions for Industrial Gear Units https://doi.org/10.61319/EGDWKXKG
Silvio Schreymayer Investigation of hydraulic fluid condition on seal performance https://doi.org/10.61319/L233MVB7
Kenya Yoshioka Dynamic Dirt Deflectors for Friction Reduced Shaft Seals https://doi.org/10.61319/S5ZFONVJ
Christoph Schüle Axial seal for high-rpm application and poor lubrication https://doi.org/10.61319/OZZSAFCE
Bas van der Vorst Responding to sealing challenges in Electric Vehicles (EV) https://doi.org/10.61319/V8V92GR1
Jan Gölz Validation cycles for electrical systems from a Seal’s perspective – Discussion of LV124 compared to established seal test sequences https://doi.org/10.61319/D9QP47YB
Jannik Röttger Formation of Micro Lead in Cylindrical Plunge Grinding https://doi.org/10.61319/GJK4L42Q
Cora Leibig 3D Printing Flexible Materials: Transcending Prototyping With Industrial Manufacturing https://doi.org/10.61319/J4WN6Q1R
Cornelius Fehrenbacher Thermoset Shaft Seals – A new Generation of Radial Shaft Seals https://doi.org/10.61319/O2L5C8LY
Peter Waidner Influence of the installation environment on the operating behavior of mechanical seals https://doi.org/10.61319/XRNZOXJV
Florian Koehn Tungsten Carbide-Cobalt: with 3D metal printing to wear-resistant coatings for technical applications https://doi.org/10.61319/ACKACZ29
Boris Traber Condition monitoring of reciprocating seals https://doi.org/10.61319/FNCU9FBU
Gonzalo A. Barillas Observations on Particle Wiping Behaviour of Hydraulic Wipers https://doi.org/10.61319/VM5ZUJ53
Seckin Semiz Development Of a Novel Wiper Seal Test Rig and Validation of Wiper Seal Performances https://doi.org/10.61319/COL5IU5A
Oliver Feuchtmüller An empirical study on the breakaway friction and squeeze film effects of a polyurethane U-cup rod seal https://doi.org/10.61319/8Y9TYEE4
Oliver Zach Determination of the gasket characteristics at cryogenic temperatures https://doi.org/10.61319/56SKCEHN
Ralf Kulessa Gasket sealability test results in accordance to new test setup concerning Air Quality Control control act (“TA-Luft”) https://doi.org/10.61319/I2XQNF78
Philipp Lambertz The Smart Flange Joint – Bolt Force Measurement with Foil Sensors https://doi.org/10.61319/PY6ONUXR
Niklas Bauer Experimental determination and EHL simulation of transient friction of pneumatic seals in spool valves https://doi.org/10.61319/HSQZWREG
Lisa-Marie Schänzel Component-based Modular System Modelling of a Spool Valve https://doi.org/10.61319/TXZ8NZDF
Dirk Möhring Design for contact lubrication of large seals https://doi.org/10.61319/YBYM3FFE
Christoph Wehmann Modeling the Compression Set of Elastomers to Predict the Lifetime of Sealing Systems by Finite Element Analysis https://doi.org/10.61319/RZB4JUN7
Lukas Merkle Sealing Systems under Starved Lubrication Conditions https://doi.org/10.61319/313EHZ1Q
Sumbat Bekgulyan Regenerative Thermoplastic Polyurethane for Hydraulic Rod
Seals – Time-Accelerated Testing
Fabian Kaiser Interactions between elastomer fillers, strain, surface properties and friction https://doi.org/10.61319/O2L5C8LY
Bernhard Richter Prediction of the functional limits of seals at low temperatures https://doi.org/10.61319/XNO1TGGY
Cem Tanyeri Simulation of Composite Guiding Elements with Analysis Programs https://doi.org/10.61319/FGRJSANM
Sylvain Nadiama Seal virtual optimization for enhanced sustainability https://doi.org/10.61319/2YRQOKLG
Nino Dakov Benefits and Applications of EHL Analysis in Sealing Technology on the Example of a Hydraulic Step-Seal https://doi.org/10.61319/GTNCA8DN
Peter Waidner Tribology of dynamic seals on a nanoscale – where does this lead? https://doi.org/10.61319/ORTRQ9K9
Matthias Kröger Scaling of radial seals https://doi.org/10.61319/6Y5KJZJN
Matthias Graf Towards additively manufactured dynamic rod seals https://doi.org/10.61319/W7SZ07FJ

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