Main topics / Research projects of the IMA

Hydraulic Seals:

  • Hydraulic rods for low friction and low leakage

Non-contact Seals:

  • Non-contact sealing of high speed shafts
  • Non-contact shaft sealing with grease packing

Shaft Seals:

  • Influence of wetting by the lubricant on the function of dynamic seals
  • Reliability of rotary shaft lip-type seals
  • Direction of rotation independent PTFE-packings with spiral groove
  • Analysis and modelling of wear on PTFE sealing elements
  • Reliable sealing on innovative shaft materials and innovative shaft coatings
  • Structural analysis of sealing counter-faces
  • 3D surface topography
  • Reliable sealing of grease and liquid grease by means of rotary shaft seals

Static Seals

  • Limitation of use of modern liquid sealants at housing interfaces
  • Sealing of unequal housing interfaces

The following listed test benches and test facilities are available at the institute for investigations:

  • 19 test benches for rotary shaft seals
  • Test benches for hydraulic rod seals
  • Test bench for scrapers / wipers
  • Tribology test bench, ellipsometer
  • Test benches for static flat seals
  • Test bench for profile seals X-, R- and O-rings
  • Tensile testing machine, Radial force measuring equipment
  • 3D-Coordinate measuring machine
  • 3D-Measuring instruments for surface topography (contact and contactless, e.g. white light interferometer)
  • Surface energy and contact angle measuring instrument
  • Optical analysis of surfaces, 3D-Microscopic optics
  • FE-Working places
  • Scanning electron microscope


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